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Our Story

From Transforming you to transforming your wardrobe

ShrishaByS2 is a brand promoted by founders of S2 Fitness Club. From past 5 years we are transforming our members and for which we have received unparalleled love and trust. So, your love and trust on us has motivated us to do more for you. Thus, here we are with the launch of our new clothing brand ShrishaByS2. Like S2 Fitness Club it is also completely online. You can directly order dresses of your choice with the comfort of your home. We will certainly help you in transforming your wardrobe with some new, unique, elegant, and close to heart clothing options which will not burn holes in your pocket. So, keep showering your blessings as always.

While designing our catalogs, we use diverse fabrics such as cotton, georgette, crepe, silk, linen, chiffon, & many others. All our pieces are hand picked and have been checked for quality assurance.

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